miércoles, mayo 16, 2012


Flashpoint 1
--Flashpoint 1 y 2
Flashpoint 2
--Flashpoint 3
Green Lantern Flashpoint
--Flashpoint: Abin Sur
--Green Lantern 1-3
--Hal Jordan 1-3

Flashpoint 3
--Flashpoint 4
Superman 58 Resistencia
--Flashpoint: The Canterbury cricket
--Flashpoint Lois Lane and the resistance
JLA Flashpoint
--Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman 1-3
--Wonder woman an the furies 1-3
--The Outsider 1-3

Flashpoint 4
--Flashpoint 5
Titanes Flashpoint
--Flashpoint Deadman and the flying Grayson 1-3
--Deathstroke and the curse of ravager
Flash Flashpoint
--Flashpoint citizen cold 1-3
--Kid Flash Lost 1-3
--Grodd of war 1
--Reverse Flash 1
Superman 59 Proyecto Superman
--Flashpoint Proyect Superman
Batman: FlashpointEl caballero de la venganza
--Flashpoint Batmanknight of vengeance
Site secretos: Flashpoint
--Flashpoint: Secret Seven

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